Child Rape Trial: Victims Take the Stand Today

Today is the second day of testimony in the child rape trial of a 43-year-old Prosser man.

Jonathan Kuhlman is accused of sexually assualting two underage Kiona-Benton High School students and we do want to warn you, today's testimony is somewhat graphic.

Both of Kuhlman's alleged victims testified in front of the jury today and emotions ran high as those girls told their story, revealing intimate details about allegedly being sexually assaulted by Kuhlman.

One girl testified that she had sex with Kuhlman when she was 15-years-old and performed oral sex on him.

According to court documents, this victim originally said Kuhlman tried to have sex with her then took her back to school.

When asked by Defense Attorney Ryan Swinburnson why she had not revealed these details before, the victim replied, "I don't know."

The other alleged victim testified that she and Kuhlman communicated via Facebook before meeting up one day.

Facebook messages indicate the victim was meeting with Kuhlman to smoke marijuana and she explains what happened next.

Prosecutor: What did he do with his hands under your underwear?

Victim: He was, like, rubbing me and then he put his fingers inside me.

Prosecutor: How did that feel?

Victim: Not good at all.

The victim got so emotional she had to leave the courtroom prior to making that statement.

She later said she fought Kuhlman off her, got out of the car and ran away.

The trial will resume tomorrow morning.

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