Child Rapist Gets Life in Prison

A Prosser man is sentenced to life in prison for child rape.

Jonathan Kuhlman is guilty of raping one 14-year-old Kiona-Benton High School student and also giving that student drugs.

He is also guilty of communicating with a 15-year-old Ki-Be student for immoral purposes and also giving that student drugs.

Kuhlman is guilty of 2nd-degree child rape and guilty on three other charges including communicating with a minor for immoral purposes and distributing a controlled substance to a minor with sexual motivation.

Deputy Prosecutor Anita Petra said Kuhlman communicated with these underage girls through Facebook and text messages to get them to hang out with him.

Both victims took the stand during the trial back in May, one said Kuhlman forced her to perform oral sex on him and put his hands in her pants.

One of the girls testified that she had sex with Kuhlman when she was 15-years-old and performed oral sex on him.

Some of Kuhlman's last words to the court were that that he was innocent.

"I did not give them weed and I did not rape her," said Kuhlman. "It's better to let 40 guilty men free than keep one innocent man behind bars."

Kuhlman went on to say he and his wife, who was in court today, have a baby at home and he will not be to get her first backpack for her first day of school because he'll be serving time for a crime that he said he did not commit. 

Kuhlman cannot be considered for release for another 20.5 years.

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