Chopping and Trimming for 12th Man Pride

Alex Sandoval has been cutting hair since middle school.

It's been his career path for the past ten years -- when the Seattle Seahawks earned their trip to the Super Bowl, people looking for a new look came to him and his business partner, Gustavo Suarez.

"This is our craft, we're dedicated to it, we've got a passion for what we do," said Sandoval, "People come in all the time, they know what we're capable of, and we're supporting the whole Super Bowl ordeal going on."

Over the past few weeks, Sandoval's shop has been blitzed by fans, asking for designed cuts, like this.

Sandoval and his business partner specialize in cutting team football logos, and coloring them onto people's head like artwork.

They say they're glad this year's Super Bowl carries a little more weight, it mean's more business and more exposure for their work.

"People will dress up for the occasion, they paint their faces, but it's a new era, now they're getting the designs on their head and we're coloring them," said Sandoval, "I mean, it's amazing, not too many people are capable of doing what we can do. "

Sandoval says they've already done 80 cuts the past few weeks, and have 20 more scheduled this weekend.

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