City of Kennewick addresses odor from wastewater treatment plant

KENNEWICK, Wash. - The city of Kennewick officials are clearing the air after receiving calls from residents concerned about the "worse than usual" odor coming from the wastewater treatment plant.

Unusual winter conditions have affected operations at the plant that require immediate attention.

The city said one of the sewer lagoons at the plant is being dredged of organic materials ahead of schedule.

Once those materials are taken out of the lagoon they will need to dry for future disposal, a process that could take three to four months.

However, the city said it needs to be done.

"The wastewater treatment plant is a crucial part of the services we provide so we want to make sure that that's functioning properly and we are addressing it," said Evelyn Lusignan with the city of Kennewick.

The city said it appreciates the patience of those affected and apologizes for the odor.

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