Cody Mason's Father: "He had his demons and tried to face them"

Police officers are still investigating the death of a man whose body was found in Richland last night.

It is believed the man found is Cody Mason, who has been missing for more than two weeks.

Richland Police said the body has been there for far longer than just a couple of days.

Posts on a Facebook page called, "Help Find Cody Mason," indicate the man found was Mason but Richland Police Department said it will not confirm that until after an autopsy is completed.

Search crews started looking for Mason after he was reported missing on June 10th.

He was last seen in the Burbank area.

Mason's father, Jay White, made a statement about his son:

"Cody was the type of guy that no matter what his problems were, he wanted to make things better for others. He cared deeply for his friends. His children were his life, his passion and glory. He had his demons and tried to face them and be responsible. He never wanted those he was around to be burdened, he always tried to lighten the load even at great expense to himself. If he were the butt of a joke and it made his friends day brighter, so be it. I am not a naive parent, I know he had legal issues and addiction problems in the past 6 months; he had tried to turn himself around. He was facing his problems head on, was at every court appearance, even if he was afraid he would not walk out of the court room a free man. He went through a divorce, his ex denied him visitation (until he had help) and it just became too much for him. He gave in and I feel the fact that he gave in, he disappointed himself so badly he couldn't see the love others had for him. I have heard his friends from coast to coast say how much they loved and cared for my son and how they would do anything for him. He was more than a son to me, he was my best friend. He always helped me in any way he could and I feel he genuinely regretted he couldn't do more at times. Cody was so very proud of his older sister and always wanted to see the family happy. He would never admit it but he Loved his mom with no limits and held the women in his life to her standards so he was a rebellious mommas boy. He had a presence about him that can not be faked or duplicated. If you were in his life, it was because he cherished you. I feel his heart broke the night he did what he did and he simply didn't know how to burden others with his problems."

Law enforment officials said there is no evidence that any foul play was involved and they are not looking for any suspects.

Although Richland Police will not confirm who the individual is, Captain Mike Cobb of the Richland Police Department said there were items that belong to Mason were found in close proximity to the body.     

An autopsy is pending and will take place at the Benton County Coroner's Office.

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