Columbia Center Rotary donates $5,000 to future Latino mural project

The community is backing an exciting mural that will be displayed at the Urban Wine Village later this year.

On Thursday the Columbia Center Rotary made a $5,000 donation to the Latino Heritage Mural project. The mural will celebrate and educate people about the Latino community's contributions to the fabric of the Tri-Cities region, especially in the wine and agriculture industries.

"From being out in the vineyards, to harvesting the grapes, to the actual process of making the wine," said Davin Diaz, member of the Columbia Center Rotary Special Projects Committee. "And then all the business side, the book keeping and science that goes into it."

Diaz is also chairman for the all-volunteer Latino Heritage Mural Committee, the group that went to the Port of Kennewick with the idea.

The artist, Andrew Reid, was chosen out of about 40 applicants. Reid came to visit the Tri-Cities from Miami in December. He collected stories from many in the Latino community to come up with a piece that represents the phrases and images they showed him, while depicting two generations of Latino families.

"I will go home to Miami and I'll plaster my studio with all the words that I find and terms and quotes and phrases and then the imagery comes from that," said Reid in December.

The mural - which will span 672 square feet in two sections - will be done by Septemeber of 2017.

"I feel like I'm also representing the the actual families themselves so I think a lot of it has to do with how the family units work," said Reid back after meeting local Latinos.

The mural is a culmination of more than a year's work by the Port of Kennewick and the Latino Heritage Mural Committee.

"I think there might be a stigma about what the Latinos are and stuff but when you really look at what they did and how they supported agriculture and wine you know... after all it's grapes," said Port of Kennewick President Skip Novakovich after meeting Reid. "I think it showing respect for them I think it's showing appreciation for them I think it's something that's been missing."

This is the first draft Reid created, before meeting with families in December 2016.