Commercial Scoop From Former Creator of Anheuser Busch Super Bowl Commercials

Sunday all of us and folks throughout the country will sit down to watch the Super Bowl. But the memorable moments won't just be of the game. The commercials are just as big a topic of conversation as the game itself.

Bob Lachky is the former Creative Director for Anheuser Busch.

He was in charge of all of their Super Bowl commercials for 15years and provided many of us with a lot of our all time favorites

Who can forget Louie the lizard and his pals on the dock, or the satin sheets that sent one guy through the window.

Lachky said these are two of his favorite Super Bowl commercials he's done.

He said what made this era of Bud lLght commercials so memorable is he stuck to one strategy, people will do anything for a Bud Light.

For years other companies have been trying to emulate the king of beers 10 year reign,as decided by the readers of USA today, as the king of super bowl commercials from 1998-2008.  

Lachky said the key for them was to be funny without loosing the focus on Bud Light.

He said in his opinion the spot with Cedric the entertainer is the perfect example of how to use a celebrity in a Super Bowl commercial.

He thinks the new strategy or releasing the commercials before the Super Bowl is a good thing for advertisers.

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