Congressional Candidate Giving Away Free Guns

If you're interested in owning a pistol or a semi-automatic rifle, one local congressional candidate wants your support in return for that chance.

Clint Didier is an Eltopia farmer and former NFL player now running for the 4th Congressional District seat to be vacated by Doc Hastings at the end of the year.

Didier's self-proclaimed Freedom Fighter's Gun Giveaway is part of his campaign and support for the second amendment.

There are a total of 12 candidates running for Hastings' seat and opinions vary on this tactic to gain voters.

George Cicotte, a Kennewick attorney, is one of them and said this gun giveaway is not a good idea.

"He can offer guns, he doesn't have any thoughts or ideas," said Cicotte. "He's got a lot of anger and vitriol but there's nothing else for him to offer to get voter's attention."

Kevin Midbust, another Republican candidiate, said it's in Didier's own right to give away whatever he wants to give away.

"I believe it's a free country, the candidates are free to do their campaigns how they like, as long as people know what's going on so people can decide who they want to vote for," said Midbust.

Josh Ramirez, running as an Independent for Hastings' seat, said he has a lot of questions about whether or not any of this is right.

"What are the regulations on that? How is the transfer made? How do we ensure we're transferring to someone legally?" said Ramirez. "That's where you get into that gray area and of course you add election and it just compounds it."

The sweepstakes will end and winners will be chosen as soon as Didier's Facebook pages and Twitter receive a total of 10,000 likes and followers.

Right now, with the combination of all three pages, he's nearly half way there with 5,000 likes and follows.

We spoke several times today to Didier's campaign manager to try and get a comment from the candidate about this unique strategy, but we were told that Didier was unavailable.

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