Conner Mertens Talks With Your Local ABC After Announcing He's Bisexual

Southridge grad Conner Mertens, who now plays at Willamette University, has been making headlines after coming out as bisexual, making him the first college football player on any level to openly admit so while still an active player.

Mertens telling us that at a certain point you just don't want to hide anymore, while also stressing that his announcement doesn't change the person he was yesterday, last week or last year              

He said that his family, friends, and especially his teammates have all been incredibly supportive since he made the announcement on twitter Monday.

Mertens said that while he knows his announcement is getting attention now, he looks forward to a day when the reaction to this type of revelation is no longer news, and if he can help one other person struggling with their own life, then his public declaration will be well worth it

When we asked Conner what the reaction of his long time Tri-Cities friends was, he joked that some of them told him they thought he was the most heterosexual guy they know and used to come to him for dating advice.

He says that's part of the point of his announcement, there should be no barriers and no one should have to be afraid of being themselves or being labeled as one particular thing.

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