Controlled Burns Getting Out Of Control

Controlled burns getting out of control are keeping firefighters busy, and as the temperatures rise and things get dryer, fires are bound to be more likely.  

Benton County fire district 4 Captain Paul Carlyle said local firefighters have already seen a few burns take out structures this season.

Carlyle said before starting a burn you should be at least 50 feet away from a structure or any combustible material, have a hose handy, and if the wind picks up put the fire out immediately.

Carlyle said even if you have done controlled burns in years past don't assume this one will be the same as the last.

"Every fire is different, that is one of the things we train for. It depends on the type of fuels you are burning, how dry those fuels are, how long they have sat there, which way the sun is facing that day and how the wind is doing. So just because someone has done quite a few controlled burns before they are not always going to run the same way and not always going to do the same thing," siad Carlyle.

Carlyle said you need to make two phone calls before you begin a burn.

One to the burn line to see if it is a burn day, and another to your local fire department so they know what is going on if neighbors call and are ready to act if it gets out of control.

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