Counting the homeless in Yakima Valley

Over 80 volunteers participated in the ninth annual project homeless connect.

An event that helps provide resources for everyone who's homeless or at risk of being homeless.

"This is important to our community because we have homeless in our community, they're very visible some are really hidden but it's an opportunity for our homeless to know that they are a human being," said homeless housing services director Annette Rodriguez.

The resources provided went from basic employment information, assistance with identification, health insurance and job training opportunities.

In addition to health screenings, free haircuts and a meal.

"Homeless need things throughout the year but this is one time that we can actually give a little bit more to our homeless who need a little extra," added Rodriquez.

Those who attended where asked to fill out a survey after being counted.

Although it was not mandatory some feeling grateful for the event.

"I’m just getting tired, I’m getting old now," said Mickey Newberry who attended the event.

Over 200 people came to the event for many resources they only get access to once a year.

Although sometimes the information is not accurate because of those individuals who are well hidden

The ultimate goal is to gather the most data then can to report to the federal and state homeless funders.

“Hopefully we'll be able to report back a decrease in numbers because that's what you're really looking for annually," said Rodriguez.    

In the next 24 hours volunteers will add all numbers and come up with the most accurate information in Yakima County.

We will provide you that information once the number is revealed.

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