Crossing the Country for Our Vets

Crowds of people swarm a 2014 Mustang GT 500.

The car is decorated in the red white and blue of the American flag, bearing the Purple Heart on its hood, and countless amounts of signatures.

Master Sergeant Darin Foster signs the Mustang in gold--that color represents a family member who was killed in combat -- in his case, his brother in law.

"He was working on an IED [overseas], which is basically a bomb set up to cause havoc on the military," said Foster, "He was trying to diffuse it, and the bomb went off."

The Mustang is traveling to 65 cities in 48 states on a simple mission; to show appreciation for our veterans.

The Wounded Warriors Support Program started its journey in Omaha, Nebraska back in May, driving back and forth across the country.

At each major stop, people are given the chance to sign the Mustang in permanent ink, silver for wounded vets, and gold for those who lost a military family member.

By the end of the tour, the car would have traveled over 26,000 miles, gathered hundreds of signatures, and had dozens of drivers from accross the country.

"It's quite interesting, the amount of people trying to look at the car, giving you a thumbs up as you go by," said driver Dennis Hank, "It's been quite an experience, it's very uplifting."

"It means the world just to have that on there," said Foster, "When we sign the car, we're signing our names for it, we're signing it for the wounded warriors."

The Mustang will complete it's tour at the beginning of September.

It will then be auctioned off in Las Vegas.

The money from that auction will go towards building two homes for two selected veterans who were wounded in combat.

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