Dance Team Earns National TV Spot

Eight members from the CWU dance team are earning precious seconds of fame.

The team is currently featured in a Staples commercial, which begins airing today.

The team entered a video into a contest near the end of spring quarter -- the theme, back to school shopping, using the dance move called "the shopping cart."

"We really just tried to take things that we use all the time on the team, our team style and add it with this original dance move," said team captain Michaela Boere.

Boere says the girls were contacted by contest representatives and had just under four days to choreograph and shoot their minute-long dance tape, which was sent off to the company, along with 118 other applicants.

Central's team is one of three finalists who were picked out of that pool.

"When we found out that we had been chosen, it was -- it was crazy," saiod Boere, "We were so, so, so excited."

The entire audition tape was shot inside the Wildcat Shop, with the girls clad in c-w-u gear, showing off their rendition of the shopping cart.

Since Central is a D2 school, Boere says her girl's do not get to compete in tournaments, but winning this contest almost feels like the real thing.

"This was a really big win for the team, this was probably one of the biggest things we ever won," said Boere, "Just having that opportunity and winning was amazing for all of us."

If you would like to view the commercial, click here.

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