Day #2 in Richland Murder Trial

Today is day two of a murder trial of a Richland teen accused of shooting and killing 17-year-old Joshua Snapp.

John Young is charged with 1st-degree murder.

A lot of the evidence collected from the desert where Snapp was shot was shown to the jury.

That includes the shirt Snapp was wearing when he was murdered as well as the hat he was wearing.

Detective Dean Murstig of the Richland Police Department ointed to a hole in the chest area of the shirt and a hole in the front of the hat.

The gun used to kill Snapp was also shown in court along with the bullets and shell casings found near his body.     

Young's friend Gino Barajas testified against him saying he was there when young told Josh Hunt, who is already convicted of killing Snapp, that he knew of a place to do it.

Barajas said his cousin sold that gun to Hunt after Barajas helped set up the deal.

Upon cross examination, Defense Attorney John Crowley asked Barajas why he didn't include young in that transaction.

In opening statements, the prosecution said Young and Hunt lured Snapp into the desert near Horn Rapids in Richland on July 4th to kill him for being an informant and for owing the two money.

The trial will resume Monday morning.

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