Day #3 of Hunt Murder Trial

It is day three of the trial of a 19-year-old murder suspect in Benton County today.

A diver that recovered the black backpack Josh Hunt is believed to have thrown into the Yakima River after allegedly shooting Joshua Snapp on July 4th, testified in court this morning.

Mark Allen is the owner of Allen Water Rescue Services and he said he found the backpack, six feet under water not to far from the bridge that goes into Benton City.

The backpack was handed over to detectives.

Detective Dean Murstig also testified saying the backpack sontained of a revolver with five empty cylinders, a box of live ammunition, a bag of spent shell casings and shoes.

Hunt is one of two suspects believed to have lured Snapp into the desert near Horn Rapids in Richland to take turns shooting him on July 4th of last year.

Emotions ran high in court for both the victim's family and a female juror after pictures of the Snapp's body and the crime scene were presented to the court.

Prosecuting Attorney Andy Miller called a recess and the female juror was asked if she would be able to continue, she said the photos did take her by surprise but she said she's okay to continue as a juror in this trial.   

The trial of the other suspect in the case, John Young, is scheduled to start next month.

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