Day #5 Hunt Murder Trial

It is day five of the trial of a 19-year-old murder suspect.

The state rested its case and the defense began calling witnesses.

Josh Hunt, accused of shooting and killing Joshua Snapp last summer, took the stand today.

The jury listened to hours of testimony from Hunt discussing events that led up to the July 4th murder.

Hunt said he he was an avid drug user, smoking marijuana and drinking hard alchohol daily.

Hunt said the other defendant in this case, John Young, got him into using methamphetamine nearly three months before the killing and used it often.

He said while on the drug, he would sometimes "black out."

Hunt said the night before the murder, he was at a party with friends and he and Young left the party for a while to smoke methamphetamine.

Hunt said Young didn't like Snapp and wanted to confront hin about being an informant and a thief.

According to Hunt, he, Young, Snapp and another friends left the party, dropping the friend off and three boys went into the desert.

Hunt said Young got a 38 revolver out of the trunk, fired some shots, and started confronting Snapp about the issues he had with him.

Hunt said Snapp said he didn't what Young was talking about.

Hunt said the boys calmed down, started smoking weed, then started talking about Snapp being an informant and thief again.

"Next thing I know, the gun is in my hands and I just shot the chest," said Hunt.

Hunt said Young then took the gun and shot Snapp.

Hunt shed tears moments after admitting to shooting Snapp.

He then said the two left the scene and said it was Young's idea to throw the evidence into the Yakima River.

The defense rested its case, closing arguments will begin tomorrow morning and the jury can be deliberating as early as tomorrow.

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