Local business owner partakes in "A Day Without Immigrates"

One local woman says she is closing her business to support her community as the Nation protests and rallies during a "Day Without Immigrants."

The decision for Maggie Escamilla to close her business in solidarity was an easy one to make.

"I am an immigrant. I believe a lot of us are immigrants," she says. "We should everyone know in the U-S that we do exist."

She and her husband Alfonso own Mr. Car Auto Sales in Pasco, right there on Lewis Street, and closed because it was the right thing to do, for both of them.

The Escamilla's aren't alone either. Countless businesses and local shops closed around Pasco as a way to show solidarity and stand together against President Trump Administrations threat to deport all unauthorized immigrants and to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Nationally, hundreds of businesses closed for the day and protested in major cities acorss the United States.

Escamilla says that immigrants are a big part of this country and what it achieves, citing that many won't do the jobs immigrants do.

"A lot of people won't do that," she says. "They say yes, we will, but in reality, that is not a fact."

Not all businesses in the Tri-Cities closed, however, and when reached for comment they told us that people need to eat.

Escamilla is hopeful for this country she calls home.

"I want everyone to be, everybody to be together and not against each other. All these walls and different things that are coming up. Not necessary."

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