Deer Carcass Found at Sportman State Park

Robin Seuferer, walks the Sportsman Park trail nearly every day.

Two weeks ago, her usual route came to a halt, when she discovered a deer carcass near the trail.

Seuferer and her husband called park officials to have the carcass removed, however, nothing has been done.

"We walked again, and it was still there," said Seuferer, "And two weeks later, it's still here."

At first, Seuferer was convinced the deer had been illegally poached and removed of its antlers.

However, park officials examined the carcass a few days ago.

They say bite wounds on its neck indicate it was most likely killed by a large cat, possibly a cougar.

Park staff was advised of the possibility of a cougar on park grounds, however, the public was never notified.

Fish and wildlife say the chances of a dangerous encounter are so low, it doesn't warrant warning the public.

"We don't have attacks by large carnivores on humans for the most part," said Richard Mann of the Department of Fish and Wildlife, "We have very few incidents in this state, less than one a year."

As for the corpse, fish and wildlife say it's up to the rangers on site to remove them.

But since it's a natural death, officials say they will let nature take it's course.

"If it's an animal in the middle of the highway, that's going to create a hazard to drivers or to public safety that way, then we do remove them from the highways," said Mann, "But we don't generally take stuff away."

But that explanation doesn't satisfy Seuferer.

"I know it's nature, and to let nature take it's course, but not on a public walkway," said Seuferer, "They could have covered it dirt, they could have pulled it off into the bushes, anything."

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