Disabled student can't leave home because of snow

For many, dealing with  extra snow is a hassle, especially if you're walking. Now, imagine having a disability on top of that. For Casey Kasselder, the snow has trapped her in her home for days.

"I love snow I do don't get me wrong but it's hard when you can't leave," said Kasselder.

She says most healthy people don't have to think about the snow like she does.

"And they don't have to worry about being stuck inside because you can physically go outside and walk in this," she said.

She is one of many disabled people struggling to get through this winter. One of her fellow Columbia Basin College students who is blind has missed the last two weeks of school because of it.

"His service dog is trained to help him out and things like that and the service dog can't even tell where is the sidewalk," said Kasselder.

Ben Franklin Transit's Dial-A-Ride service has tried to help Kasselder, but couldn't even get their ramp down with all the snow. Pasco, Richland and Kennewick said they are trying their best to clear the roads, and sidewalks are the responsibility of the residential or commercial owners.

Kasselder has been confined to a wheelchair for years, as she fights the affects of Friedreich's Ataxia - a disease causing damage to her nervous system.

"It's like a healthy human being stuck in a body that does not work," she said.

She prides herself on still being independent, so she said not being able to do anything is incredibly frustrating.

"I just have either a caregiver or friend go out for me which sucks because I'm not one to like to stay inside I like to be very active and do things on my own," she said.

But with the roads still full of snow, she just can't risk breaking her wheelchair or getting hurt.

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