Divest Whitman Mock Wedding

Students at Whitman College hold a mock wedding ceremony today.

The bride representing the college and groom representing the fossil fuel industry.

It's all to send a message for the school to remove it's investments in fossil fuel industries.

The Divest Whitman Rally, organized by the Campus Climate Challenge hopes that by divesting, the school will contribute to saving the environment from carbon emissions.   

"Whitman claims to be an environmentally focused school, not only are we going to make these changes like turning off our lights, composting, recycling, we also want to make big change that sends messages to the fossil fuel industry by saying we are not in support of this," said Dani Hupper, who spearheaded the mock wedding.

Similar protests took place last year, but in February, the college's governing Board of Trustees announced it would not move forward with divestment.

We did reach out to Whitman College and we'll bring you an update as soon as we hear back.

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