DOE Discusses Hanford Clean-up

The US Department of Energy's Office of Environmental Management and Office of River Protection is hosting a town hall meeting to share information on the DOE's proposal to the state to ammend the 2010 Consent Decree.

That's the Tri-Party Agreement which governs Hanford cleanup.

The meeting is taking place at the Red Lion in Richland.

The DOE will present its blueprint to completing objectives when it comes to cleaning the tank farms at Hanford.

Some of the things they wish to touch on are action to vitrify tank waste as soon as possible, continue progress on resolving technical issues related to pre-treatment and high level waste facility and discussing shell tank waste removal by the 2022 deadline.

The DOE hopes to get input from members of the community when it comes to making any changes.

The meeting is expected to go until about 7 p.m.

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