Don't Miss Out on Money When You File Your Taxes

The deadline to file taxes is almost here.

Whether or not you have filed already it is never too late to find that extra money hidden in your return.

Local tax expert Chris Porter said if you owe the government money and file for an extension that payment is still due on April 15th.

The extension just allows for more time to get your paper work in order.

When it comes to deductions there are plenty to sort through and some are more complicated than others.

For example, you can deduct the interest on a second home but many people don't realize that a RV qualifies in that category.

Charitable donations are deductible but people often miss deductions on non-cash donations.

"If you gave clothing and household items to Goodwill for example you can deduct the values of those items, in most cases, on your taxes," siad Porter.

Porter said if you do your taxes yourself but think you could be missing something it is a good idea to get a CPA to take a second look.

You can do this after you file your taxes and then amend the return.

He said if you are going to get a second look talk to the CPA about their process.

You never want to pay someone money to go through a second look before you know you're going to get more than that in a return.

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