Downtown Pasco Development Authority Community Forum Tonight

The Downtown Pasco Development Authority (DPDA) will be holding a community forum tonight at 7pm to review the DPDA’s Downtown Work Plan. The forum will be held in the DPDA offices at 403 West Lewis Street in Pasco. The Downtown Work Plan was commissioned by the City for the DPDA to create a strategic 1-3-5 year plan for the revitalization of Downtown Pasco. The forum will give the public a chance to take a look at the Plan, and specifically, the immediate 1st year goals.

“We would like to get as much public involvement as possible in making downtown Pasco even better”, said DPDA Executive Director Michael Goins, “and these forums are a great way for the public to get more information about the DPDA’s efforts.” For more information, contact the DPDA at 546-1304.

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