Driving Advice for Dust Storms from WA State Patrol

The Washington State Patrol said Saturday's pile-up was a result of drivers slowing down or stopping as soon as they entered the dust storm and other cars behind not stopping or slowing down at all and slamming into the back of of those cars.

Visibilty dropped down to zero as soon as drivers entered the dust storm on I-82 near MP 113.

Nine patients were taken to hospitals with non-life threatening injuries and twenty-six patients had minor complaints.

The Washington State Patrol said there are two things you can do when you enter an area with little to no visibility.

"Choose (A) Either pull over to the right shoulder and use your hazards or (B) Reduce your speed down to where you feel comfortable," said Trooper Chris Thorson. "Enter the dust storm at a reduced speed and activate your hazards as well."

Saturday's dust storm last 45 minutes.

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