East Valley High School Wins National Engineering Contest

Students in a principles of engineering class receive good news -- they're winners of the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow competition.

"We didn't know this was going to happen," said senior Ruby Galayde, "We thought we had a chance, but we didn't know we were going to be the winners. Knowing that we were was pretty exciting."

Over 2,300 schools from across the country submitted projects that were both environmentally friendly, and promoted the STEM program--science, technology, engineering, and math.

These students helped construct this, a hydro-chiller, made from an old radiator, cabinet and fan -- it uses irrigation water to cool a home at a 90% savings over traditional cooling methods.

The project was among the top 15 picked from the pool of over 2,000 submissions, students got the chance to travel to Austin, Texas to share it and also learn from world-renowned innovators.

"We got to learn a bunch of new stuff that we didn't know before, well some of us," said Galayde, "It was nice to learn, because it helps us with every day things too."

As one of the winners, the school will be awarded over $140,000 dollars in technology and cash.

The school will be sending the principal, the class instructor, and two of the students from the class to Washington, D.C. at the end of April to be recognized at an award luncheon.

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