East Valley Middle School Reassigns Principal, Assistant Principal

East Valley Central Middle School is going to be going through some administrative changes over the coming months.

The school district confirms Jeri Young and Cherie Carroll are being reassigned within the school district.

Both have served as the principal and assistant principal at the middle school respectively, however, the school district says a change was prompted after the school was named a priority school.

A priority school is one that falls in the lower 5% in the nation, based on test scores.

One parent says she couldn't believe the school was struggling badly enough to be placed in that category.

"I'm absolutely shocked, I thought that this whole system out here was pretty good," said Linda Lenseigne, "If the kids really can't get a good education through their young years, they're sunk."

The school district does say they plan on having their principal positions filled by the beginning of the next school year.

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