Anti-abortion flyers target LGBTQ community outside local high school

KENNEWICK, Wash. - Young demonstrators have been handing out anti-abortion flyers targeting LGBTQ people next to Kennewick High School.

The flyers are written in first person from an LGBT perspective saying: "We are a self-obsessed people: preoccupied with our own 'rights."

They depict rainbow colored hands covered in the blood of an aborted baby.

Our reporter Galen Ettlin has talked to students and parents who are upset, saying this could push closeted LGBTQ youth to depression or suicide.

Demonstrators are reportedly often on the public sidewalk, so school administrators face a challenge in addressing this. Students say they've been showing up for the last couple weeks.

According to parents, the school district said they can’t take action because the demonstrators have not made any violent threats.

The school district responded to the flyers with a statement:

In a situation like this, our first priority is to make sure that our students know that our schools are safe places where they can come to learn and that they know they are welcome and respected as individuals.

These reports come just days after the House passed a controversial 20-week abortion ban on Tuesday.


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