Every 15 Minutes program helps spread alcohol awareness to youths

Friday morning students felt what it would be like to wake up tomorrow without their best friend.

It was an emotional morning at River View High School where students and parents were engaging in the alcohol awareness program, "Every 15 minutes."

Benton County Sheriff's Office, Kennewick Police department, and Benton County Fire were there to hear and share emotional accounts from families who lost children to drunk driving.

By the end of the presentation there wasn’t a dry eye in sight and everyone in the gym pledged to never drink and drive.

"And then she died and I knew I wouldn’t see her again, it was just so shocking," A mother who lost her daughter to drunk driving said.

"So many people don't get the chance to when something like this happens for real to have that second chance and hug them and hold them and tell them they love them, making you realize how precious life is," Amy Williams, mother of River View High School student said.

"You could be killing and ruining so many people’s lives just by one dumb decision," River View High School student Elizabeth Serven said.

Parents shared letters they wrote to their kids as if they just found out they would never see them again, and students shared what their last words would be to their parents if their life was taken in a crash.

Now since last year's introduction of the program one person dies every 53 minutes in an alcohol related crash, no longer every 15 minutes.

The presentation will be held again next year to help continue to spread more alcohol awareness.

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