District takes action following initial lead testing

Pasco parents are concerned for their children's safety after water tests came back positive for lead contamination.

One mom of a Captain Gray Elementary student, who wants to remain anonymous says, "I'm very concerned"

According to the district, bringing water bottles is unnecessary, given that it is providing clean water souces.

Captain Grey Elementary parents are worried after learning their child's school drinking water initially tested for higher than normal levels of lead, meaning it met or exceeded the Environmental Protection Agency action level.

Benton Franklin Health District Supervisor Rick Dawson says, ”It hampers the development of the human brain and when we think about students that is where we think we need to be protective."

Health officials say long-term exposure is the biggest concern. That's why the district acted fast. About 1,100 samples were initially tested, but according to the district, another round of testing will ensure that contaminated sources are removed.

Pasco School District Safety Risk Manager Aubrey Pitzer says, “A more vigorous round of resampling so that we can really start trouble shooting to determine where that lead is coming from."

However, by law, school districts are not even required to test water fixtures and local parents feel encouraged that Pasco was proactive in removing contaminated sources as quickly as possible.

"I think that the school is doing their best because they already shut down the fountains," says anonymous mother.

Only 5.4 percent of the preliminary Pasco school tests have shown levels higher than normal for lead.

In the meantime, new fresh drinking water sources approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are being used at Captain Gray Elementary.

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