Leaking windows lead to black mold at Eisenhower High School

YAKIMA, Wash. – Classrooms at Eisenhower High School have black mold growing behind some of the walls, district officials have told our media partners at the Yakima Herald. Black mold can cause chronic lung illnesses and have serious health effects. We have learned the cause of the mold has been traced to 23 out of 26 windows on the school’s East Courtyard wall that were found to be leaking, said Scott Izutsu, Yakima School District associate superintendent.

The investigation started after staff members complained about water leaking into some of the classrooms. About a dozen rooms on the east side were affected by the leaky windows, Izutsu said.

Further testing included pore and mold count and 2 rooms were found to have elevated spore counts.

Areas of the walls were removed and the rooms have since been cleaned and re-tested and have been deemed safe for students and staff. 

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