Spruce up your house for Spring

Design 7's Home Address Plaque & Planter Box (to make the one like on the show today)
1. 15.5" x 25" Sanded 1/2" Plywood
2. Home Depot Home Numbers (we did Black)
3. Plywood & Glass Planter Box 8.75" W x 4 D x 6.5" H (we bought ours already finished for $5.99 at TJ Maxx, but if you need to make your own planter box, they can cut all the wood pieces for you at the hardware store if you don't have a saw. Just make sure you take your measurements with you! (To make your own planter box of our size, you would need : 2 - 8.75" pieces, 1 - 4 x 8.75" piece, and 2 - 6.5" pieces )
4. Plants or succulents
5. Soil.
6. Rock/Filler
7. Drill with drill bits (we used 5/32)
8. Paint, Stain, or Clear Lacquer (we used clear to match our pre-made plantar box)

Note: You can make your own version as well picking your own size plaque, planter box, numbers, and go vertical, horizontal, or diagonal with your numbers, and paint or stain the wood whatever color you like as the other examples show. Depending on the time of year, the weather, or the color of your thumb :-), you can choose what you want to plant in the box. Most craft stores have a pretty legit selection of faux succulents these days if your of the black thumb group!

1. Cut board to desired size. Sand edges and any rough patches. 2. Stain, Paint, or Lacquer and let dry. 3. Map out where you want the numbers and mark with pencil. 4. Attach numbers, use the template that comes with numbers and follow those directions. 5. Attach planter box. 6. Fill. 7. Attach mounting hardware of your choice. 

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