Student reactions to Southridge high school shooting threats

We continued to follow developments Wednesday afternoon into the two school shooting threats that took place at Southridge High School in less than a week.

Southridge students were expelled for saying in class that they were going to shoot up the school.

Over the weekend, four students were also kicked out for a similar threat made online to someone about a shooting this week.

Southridge senior, Jesse Wagner spoke to us in an interview after school Wednesday.

“People are definitely talking about it. I hear discussion about it in almost every class,”Wagner said.

However, Wagner says that in his opinion the best way to deal with this issue is to remain focused on getting a steady education.

“If we skip school because of these threats, I think they win because we are letting them compromise our education," Wagner continued.

According to Wagner there has definitely been talk around the school regarding who the suspected students are, but he says that school officials are definitely not discussing names with any of the students, including him.

Southridge staff members are also taking extra precaution and reminding students of what to do in case a threat was to ever be carried out.

“Teachers are making sure that students are aware of the lockdown procedures and making sure that students know that they can come talk to them if they have any concerns,” Wagner added.

Wagner was well aware of the expulsion that took place following the threats that were made and he believes it was the right judgment by Southridge staff officials.

“Not only should there be an emergency expulsion, but the expulsion should be maintained,” Wagner concluded.

Our news team will continue to follow any further developments in this case.

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