Electric Go Carts Race in Pasco

The Columbia Basin College parking lot was the scene of a go cart race this weekend, but it wasn't exactly a race.

It was the Electrathon Rally, part of an annual circuit constisting of seven competitions in Washington and Oregon.

Teams build go carts using two deep cycle batteries, then try to go the most laps in one hour.

The challenge is to engineer a vehicle then use a strategy to ballance speed with efficiency.

This is the second year a team from Delta High School in Richland has entered the race.

"We're learning all sorts of skills.  We're learning from a fabrication standpoint like welding, making all the different parts on that object, and also we're learning how to engineer all the parts because we have to engineer to put the thing together.  There's no book that tells you how to make that" said Michael Warner, a Delta High School Sophomore.

High schools and adult teams mostly from Western Washington and Oregon entered about thirty cars into this year's race.

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