Fake money makes its way around Richland

Richland police are looking for the person who is using fake money in several places across Richland.

Cpt. Jeff Taylor with the Richland Police Department said a Richland 7-11 was scammed into taking a fake $100 and $20 bill on Thursday.

On Wednesday someone tried to pay with a fake $100 bill at the Goodwill on Wellsian Way.

"It appears whoever is doing this has tried to do it in multiple places on multiple days," said Cpt. Taylor. "If you take steps to protect yourself and pay attention, you should be able to catch this current see if it comes across your hand."

Cpt. Taylor added that the fake bills look real at first glance, but when looked at closely have things like "100 bollars" instead of dollars and "for motion picture use only" printed on them.

The federal government has installed several anti-forgery indicators on real bills like specific water marks and symbols.

If you are caught passing fake money it is both and federal and state crime.

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