Family Fitness Camp

For those of you who will not be attending boat races or just looking for something to do afterwards, tomorrow night, Fever Football Player Lionell Singleton will be hosting a Family Fitness Camp for charity at Lampson Stadium.

If you're up for the challenge, there will be drills set up, along with a number of obstacles for kids and adults.     

Singleton said he knows how expensive these camps can be and he wanted to create a more affordable one, with proceeds going to scholarships for kids.

"I wanted to create a fund to give kids the opporunity to attend those expensive camps for football, basketball and soccer," said Singleton. "Instead of the parents just watching, I thought this family camp would be a fun way for everyone to get involved."

The cost is $25 for the entire family.

Your local ABC's news team will be at the event handing out cool prizes.

Come by, we challenge you to a drill.

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