Family Holds Vigil For Man Killed in Alleged Pasco Home Invasion

The investigation continues in the alleged home invasion in Pasco that led to the shooting death of Stephan Aceves early Friday morning by the resident of that home.

 Friends and family members of Aceves are holding a vigil in his honor

It turns out Aceves has family who live in the neighborhood where the alleged home invasion took place.

Aceves was with family at his step-brothers house in the neighborhood last Friday before the shooting happened.

His family said Aceves stepped out for a smoke. They think he got disoriented and tried to enter the wrong house by accident.

Alfredo Aceves, Stephan's father said his son was a personable young man with an old soul.

"He smiled all the time you could be having a down moment and pretty soon you are enjoying his company and visa-versa. Just a very good natured kid. I know my son is another angel up in the sky. Sucks for the rest of us here," said Aceves.

An autopsy on Aceves inculding a toxicology will be done tomorrow.

The Franklin County Prosecutors Office said it will be about three weeks until the investigation is complete and after that they will know if any charges will be filed against the homeowner.

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