Father of Las Vegas Shooter Speaks

The father of Jerad Miller, the man responsible, along with his wife, for the killing of two Las Vegas police officers last weekend said his son was not a white supremacist or a Nazi.

Miller first wanted to express his condolences to the slain officers families

"I'm just terribly sorry, I don't condone what he did at all I'm just very very sorry and that's all I can say."

Miller said none of the youtube videos Jerad posted in recent years or the Halloween costumes Jerad and his wife Amanda wore made him think Jerad was capable of this.

"I thought they were just young people on an adventure and fighting for cause and I just had no clue that they would go that far."

He said Jerad talked for years about his views on the government and how what he believed.

"He's been talking like that for years, you never think like well this is it I'm saying goodbye, somethings going to happen."

When miller talked to his son about two months ago he said Jerad got angry at the suggestion of being a Nazi or white supremacist.

"In conversations when I said well Jared that sounds like a white supremacist or skinhead, he just got all mad at me, he wanted to hang up he's like you don't get it."

Miller said he doesn't make excuses for what Jerad and Amanda did.

He said he hasn't seen the recently released video of the couple in Walmart after the shooting, and isnt' sure he ever will.

"This moment I don't need to see exactly what happened....I might not want that image in my mind," said Miller.

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