Fire Displaces Family of 11

8 year old Alejandro Davila walks through the burned walls of his home on North 2nd Street.

Almost 24 hours ago, he was playing with one of his brothers, when flames broke out at the home.

"We started playing for a little while, and then we heard the alarm, we saw smoke coming out from my mom's room," said Alejandro, "So my big brother told us to evacuate the house."

Alejandro and his family escaped the home and contacted firefighters.

Crews were able to knock down the flames in a matter of minutes, but not before they gutted the inside of the home.

Alejandro is one of 9 different children who lived in the home with his two parents, six of them are foster kids.

His mother Victoria says she has been fostering some of the children since they were infants.

"I am sad because I don't have them with me," said Victoria, "I feel like they are mine, they love me and I love them."

Victoria says the foster children were taken by child services to live with separate families until the davilas can figure out their housing situation.

Right now, the family is trying to get repairs underway -- victoria has been told her foster children are being held in temporary homes for a week and a half.

But she fears that may not be enough time.

"The hardest thing is to not have them with me," said Victoria.

Firefighters say the cause of the fire was from an extension cord connecting to the air conditioner.

Damage is estimated at about $50,000.

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