Firefighters Investigating Arson Fires

Neighbors are keeping their debris under close watch this week -- repeated fires have struck a Yakima neighborhood three times and has Debra Tibbett on edge.

Tibbett keeps her trash can within view of her home, but not too close to the structure.

"I keep it close to the house that way, because if something does happen to it, I know it's not going to catch my house on fire," said Tibbett.

The Yakima Fire Department and police are currently investigating a series of arson fires that have torched three different buildings.

The incidents occured within the same 5-block radius, all withiin 7 days.

The first happened on South 9th Avenue last Wednesday, on South 11th Avenue Monday, and on South 14th Avenue yesterday afternoon.

Firefighters believe the suspect or suspects are lighting nearby debris on fire, which transferred to the buildings, causing thousands of dollars in damage -- until they are caught, firefighters suggest people lock their garbage bins away.

Make sure you're always aware of where your debris is; keep it behind fences, or in well lit places.

"The individuals involved with it have a pretty easy time to just stop whatever they're doing, either by bike or car, light it and boom, they're gone," said fire Captain Tom Schneider.

"I'm afraid one of these days, they're going to hit the house," said Tibbett.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police or firefighters.

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