First Back to School After a Tragic Accident

Students returned to class today at Walla Walla High School, after three teenagers were killed in a car accident.

Hundreds of students mourn the loss of their friends with 15-year-old Athena Bentley, 16-year-old Uziel Bermoy and 17-year-old Aidan Boede.

"The mood was just super low, going to class and everything, you see some of the strongest people you know just break down," said Poppy Small, friend of Bentley.

The three teens were killed in a single car roll over crash on Mill Creek Rd. early Sunday morning.

Wa-Hi's library was turned into a safe room and members of the Grief Busters Program were there to talk to the hundreds of students that came by to talk to someone about their loss.

Students also talked about the good times.

"Uziel was one of those people when you saw him in the hall he would say, 'Hi samantha, have a great day,'" said Samantha French, friend of Bermoy.

"Aiden was a lot like that too, the other day he ran to catch up with me just to say hi to me and that just shows how nice he is," said Mckenna French.

"In first period Athena was a big part of that class and today I went in there and nobody wanted to function," said Small. 

School Counselor Angie Gardea said the accident has had a significant impact on students and staff.  

"We've had some bright moments as students are talking about the three students, but there's just a lot of grief and confusion and a little bit of fear," said Gardea.

Counselors, youth pastors and minsters are assisting with the program and they'll be available to assist for as long a they are needed.

Investigators said the Dodge Neon involved in the acdcident hit a dirt embankment, overcorrected, rolled while crossing the eastbound lanes andcrashing through a barbed-wire fence and landing on its roof.

The Walla Walla Sheriff's Office said the driver, who has not yet been identified, may have been speeding.

Students said this accident has definitely opened their eyes to being a safer driver than ever before.

"I know a lot of kids who just get their license want to be speed demons," said Mckenna French. "Not realizing how scary it can really be."

A representative from the sheriff's office said autopsies for Bentley, Bermoy and Boede were just now completed, we'll bring you an update as soon as we receive one from the Walla Walla Coroner's Office.

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