First Look Inside The Area's First Recreational Marijuana Retail Shop

The first recreational marijuana retail shop in our area is set to open in Prosser next week.

The shop is called Altitude and the idea is that it will be run like a retail shop with strict security measeures.

Before you can even see any product your ID is checked at a window.

Altitude spokesperson Manel Valenzuela said they are considering also checking your ID to get onto the property.

Once inside one wall will be lined with their products.

They will also have cannabis coaches to direct you through the buying process.

"Essentially educating the customer on what product they should actually go for," Valenzuela said. "We are going to have multiple strands of product to pick from and it can become overwhelming, so we'll have an associates that will help you guide through the process."

There is then a separate purchasing room.

The building has undergone numerous inspections.

As part of the inspections every inch of the building is covered by a camera.

Valenzuela said the shop is going to have a neat and clean feel to it. They want to create an environment that is appealing to business professionals.

He said in designing altitude he talked with shop owners in Colorado and other parts of Washington, and they all told him to focus on one thing in particular.

"It's the staffing just like any other business the staffing will make or break you so we believe that the people we hire are going to be highly qualified to do this job," said Valenzuela.

He said he knows there are critics out there, but the fact the product is tax is actually going to make the community safer since that money is going straight to law enforcement.

Altitude will have a soft opening July 8th that is open later this month and then plan to have a grand opening later this month.

They will be open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., seven days a week.

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