First Time Teachers Prepare For The First Day Of Classes

Tomorrow is the first day of the 2014-2015 school year for many districts in the area. 

While most students have probably spent the last few weeks of summer soaking up the sun, teachers have been busy getting their classrooms ready and preparing their lesson plans.

After spending over 10 years in education working in HR and as an attendance secretary, Richland High School teacher Marta Jisa is finally fulfillng her dream of being in the classroom.

"I liked what education meant and what they were doing for the community and I wanted to be a part of it, I wanted to be on the front lines of that," said Jisa.

Right now Jisa is studying for her masters in education and has a bachelors degree in early childhood development.

She only found out she got the job a little over a week ago, and said it so far it has been crazy but enjoyable.

Over her decade in education Jisa has made a lot of friends who have really helped her get a solid footing before classes start.

"My friends who are teachers have come in and spoken with me and help me design lesson plans, they been really supportive and I know as a new teacher i'm gonna need that support," said Jisa.

She siad there isn't much shes worried about, right now she is just anxious to meet her students.

"The best advice I've gotten with learning and working with kids is just make connection, just make those connections and everything else will come easily," said Jisa.

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