As Football Kicks Off Concussion Awarness Remains at the Forefront

Does your kid play high school sports?

The rate of high school athletes suffering from concussions doubled between 2005 and 2012, according to a study published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine. Many professionals in sports medicine say the spike is due to awareness. The injury is being recognized more effectively, when before it would easily go unnoticed.

"Our tackling system features shoulder tackling and a renewed emphasis to take the head out of tackling," says Pete Carroll in a new instructional tackling video.

Super bowl winning head coach Pete Carroll released an instructional video this summer on how the legion of boom uses techniques from rugby to avoid head injuries.

"Anyone with a suspected concussion needs to be immedietly removed from activity," says Joel Buffum

Joel buffman works with Memorial Hospital Sports Medicine Advantage-- he is part of a network of Yakima Valley trainers that all follow the same protocols detecting and treating concussions.

Concussion safety is now at every level of football--while the NFL prepares for its season opener tomorrow night in Seattle, the league closes an offseason full of litigation over safety protocols.
Most of the cases surrounded head injuries, and cost the league more 765 million dollars in settlments.

"With the NFL's big involvement currently thats going to cause a lot of concerns at the lower levels kind of a trickle down effect. However the research has also gotten better with improving research we have improved information and the goal is to hand that out to the community," said Buffum.

Yakima Memorial Sports Medicine provides a list online of concussion symptoms-- general concussion information --and what to do if your child is suffering from symptoms. The WIAA also has a concussion management page-- it requires high school athletic directors to work with coaches and players to keep up with the latest information available.

"As the NFL has embraced concussion safety nowadays they're actually I'd say behind the game as far as where we've been for several years now," said Jimenez

At Ike's football practice-- head coach Gary Jimenez lowers the tempo to avoid unnecessary hits

"When we're doing our team periods we are never ever 100 percent live its always what we would call a thud tempo basically playing very quick and fast but leaving that big hit mentality completely out of practice."

Carroll's video highlights techniques that show nfl players safely going through tackling drills without pads.

"We have found that we can practice and drill our tackling without pads or a helmet we can train and develop our safe tackling system in shorts and t-shirts and its a system that believe will work on all levels and during all phases of the year in season, off season and spring football," says Carroll in his video

"Back in the day the helmet was a weapon and now its absolutely a safety piece"

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