Former Prosser Mayor Is Not Allowed To Attend Daughter's Graduation

A judge ruled former Prosser mayor Linda Lusk will not be allowed to attend her daughter's high school gradation next weekend.

The judge said Lusk waited too long to appeal the superintendent and school board's denial of her request to attend her daughters graduation.

Lusk was banned from prosser school district activities after she pleaded guilty in 2011 to having sexual contact with a 14 year old boy.

The school district has a policy prohibiting sex offenders from being on school property or attending events.

Lusk said she sent multiple written requests to the superintendent asking for an injunction to attend graduation.

Her lawyer, Greg Dow, said the process to appeal a school board policy isn't right.

"Apparently parents have no right to challenge school board policy unless they appeal within 30 days of enactment. We are in america, we want the right to appeal everything," said Dow.

Dow said the superintendents reasonings for denying Lusk's request is because she would  be disruptive and for the students safety.

Dow said whatver they decide to do next is up to lusk.

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