Former Richland hotel employee breaks silence about alleged drugs and prostitution

A former Richland hotel employee spoke to KVEW on Wednesday, sharing the story of what she describes as a very hush hush situation involving drugs and prostition.

On Wednesday night the hotel had something to say about the allegations.

Our Facebook post of the story Sunday, reached tens of thousands of people in a matter of hours.

Police described a gathering at the M Hotel and Conference Center on George Washington Way as a "heroin den," where a group of people gather to share, trade and use drugs.

The hotel said it wants to be upfront with the community about measures it's taking.

But Corrina Corvin said she has seen the activity first hand and lost her job because of it.

"We had a bunch of issues with drug dealers, with backpage girls," said Corvin.

Corvin has been in the hotel industry for 13 years.

She said she was one of the employees hired at the M Hotel when it first re-opened under new management in 2015.

Corvin said she knows all too well, when new hotels open, people who have been banned from other hotels for illegal behavior, flock at the new opportunity.

"I actually had to deal with one of the backpage girl that was running around the hotel with a needle in her arm," she said.

Backpage, meaning prostitutes ordered from the website

"It's unsafe, it's unsanitary, and it's just --- I personally would not stay there with my child," said Corvin.

Richland police said they have received 86 calls in the past 12 months from the M Hotel.

However, only two involved drugs, one of them the incident on Sunday.

"It's pretty typical of what you might see at any hotel chain across the United States," said Cpt. Mike Cobb with the Richland Police Department.

In a statement, M Hotel general manager Amar Bath said Sunday "was an unfortunate incident and that (they) Are working closely with the Richland Police Department to ensure that no illegal activity takes place on (their) premises."

However, Corvin said police are unware of the problem because management reprimands employees if they involve police.

"RPD hasn't been involved that much because nobody has informed them," said Corvin.

She said she was fired after nine months, because she could not keep her head down .

The hotel claimied she worked under previous management for a few months in 2015.

She said this is a lie and that it was the same management forcing her to keep quiet.

Corvin refused to fight what she felt was wrong.

"You're going to allow that to happen in our community just to make a dollar? That's, that's not ok," she said.

However, her main concern is the elementary school across the street.

"There's kids that walk up and down that street that go to school across the street that's not appropriate," said Corvin.

In his statement, Bath said "the management at the M Hotel is committed to the safety of its guests."

Also adding that it will provide additional training to staff members to prevent any further incidents.

However, Corvin said the hotel is a lost cause.

"My first thought is it should be shut down and something else put in like a community center or art or something would be safer," she said.

The general manager said the management is working to improve the overall property which he said has gotten better in the last 12 months.

Here is the full statement:

"I believe that Corrina worked at the M Hotel for a few months in 2015 under the previous management however she has not been employed by the M Hotel for over 14 months since I started. I can therefore not comment on her credibility nor am I in a position to discuss the circumstances of her departure. 

I would however like to take the opportunity to say this was an unfortunate but isolated incident and that we are and will continue to work closely with Richland Police Department to ensure that no illegal activity takes place on our premises. The Management at M Hotel are committed to the safety of its guests and though such an instance is rare and highly uncommon, we will be providing additional training to all staff to prevent any such further incidents. 

We are continuously working on improving the property, which has much improved in the previous 12 months. We are also very excited to notify the local Community that we are about to embark on a significant renovation project of the property in early 2017 which will result in a partnership with a reputable international franchise which we hope will alleviate any concerns of the local Community. 

I hope this clarifies your questions. 

Kind regards,

Amar Bath

General Manager"

Cpt. Cobb said if you see something suspicious, instead of telling the front desk, make sure to call 911.

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