Former Union Gap Mayor Behind Bars Again

Former Union Gap Mayor Jim Lemon is once again behind bars.

This time for allegedly creating a stir along 16th Avenue in Yakima.

Lorenzo Cabrera shot this footage with his iPod yesterday morning when it all happened.

"We looked across the street, and then we saw some dude with his shirt off wandering around," said Cabrera, "People were chasing him off the property."

Police say they were called to the Good Samaritan center early yesterday morning after Lemon had walked in, exhibiting "disruptive behavior."

Police say Lemon had made his way to the center, where his wife works, after walking into the Dollar Plus store, where employees say he was asking for a cigarette and free beer.

Shortly after Lemon was kicked out of the Good Samaritan center, employees at the gas station say he made his way back over to the mini-mart.

This time, Cabrera says store managers tried to block Lemon's way in.

"Then he took a swing at [the employee] and went inside the store, and was breaking everything," said Cabrera, "The cop went in there and tasered him, he fell on the floor."

Lemon was booked into county jail on several misdemeanor charges; including malicious mischief, first degree criminal trespass and obstructing an officer.

His bail is set at $50,000.

Lemon's arrest isn't the first, he was arrested twice in November under suspicion of DUI, and then for domestic violence after a disturbance at his parents' home.

"Our encounters with Mr. Lemon have not been generally very good," said Yakima Police Captain Rod Light, "They've always had some element of bizarre behavior attached to them unfortunately."

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