Franklin Co. Inmate Dies of Seizure

The Franklin County Coroner's office said a 26-year-old inmate in the Franklin County Jail suffered a seizure in his cell Saturday afternoon and died.

The coroner said Mitchell Campbell was in his cell when officers made morning rounds to check on the inmates.

When an officer came to bring Campbell his lunch, he saw he was on the floor.

Campbell was alone in his cell.

Campbell had fallen and his head on a concrete wall, but the coroner said it was the serizure itself that killed Campbell.

Campbell suffered a seizure; by the time the ambulance arrrive, Campbell died.

The coroner said Campbell's seizure was due to chronic alcohol and drug use.

The body was released to a funeral home this morning for the family to make arrangements.

The coroner's office is expecting toxicology results in 8-10 weeks.

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