Free bus rides to city-owned pools in Yakima this Summer

YAKIMA, WASH. - Swimming in Yakima just got easier.

Anyone who purchases swimming passes at any of the two city-owned pools will have access to free bus rides all summer long.

Each pass will give swimmers a roundtrip ticket to ride Yakima Transit.

City officials said it's a way to provide safety and get residents out during summer.

"The idea is to both make it easier for people to get to the people but also to introduce them to Yakima transit, some people have never been on a Yakima transit it's kind of a two for one deal, you get the opportunity to ride Yakima transit and you get into the pool,” said city of Yakima spokesperson Randy Beehler.

Admission to both Franklin and Lions pool costs, $2.00 for youth and $3.75 for adults.

Free transportation will be available from now, until August 26th.

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