Freezing rain wreaks havoc on highways

Many are without working cars after facing the icy roadways Wednesday morning.

Before 11 a.m. the Washington State Patrol responded to at least 20 wrecks.

Trooper Thorson said he thinks speed has been a factor in at least 90 percent of the collisions.

"You're not going to be able to come out here and drive 70 miles an hour, you just can't do it," he said.

Intersections across the are were an issue.

A Ben Franklin Transit bus was hit from behind along highway 395 in Kennewick.

"Just gliding up to stop and brakes locked up and I slid right into her," said Patrick Antonson, the driver who crashed into the bus. "I mean you could've walked faster than I was driving, I was barely moving," he said.

Paul Singer, the Ben-Franklin Transit operations supervisor said the buses get along fine on the roads, but it's other cars they have to look out for in these conditions.

"Typically it's somebody sliding through an intersection or following the bus too close," he said.

The ice may be melting, but Trooper Thorson said this could pose a new threat.

"Vehicles are hitting that slush and sliding off the road ways as well," he said.
Antonson has advice for drivers hitting the roads.

"Stay home," he said laughing.

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