Friends of Children Found Dead in Home Mourn Today

It has been 24 hours since a man arrived at his Kennewick home to find his two children shot to death.

Law enforcement officials remain on the scene today looking into exactly what happened to 16-year-old Kaitlin Austin and 12-year-old Ethan.

Friends of Kate tell Your Local ABC they couldn't believe the news and are now mourning Kate's loss.

"I was just shocked, I didn't know what to feel and I had no words," said Jasmine Hubbard, a friend of Kate.

"It's scary, it's really scary," said Lindsey Koehler, a friend of Kate. 

A handgun was found near the bodies but investigators are still trying to piece together any clues to figure out what happened.

The state crime lab has been at the house all day processing the scene and the bodies were moved to the coroner's office this afternoon.

Ethan was a student at Desert Hills Middle School and Kate was a student at Kamaikan High School.

One student said the feeling on campus today at Kamiakin was unlike anything else.  

"We've been testing all day but you can feel how dramatic everything is," said Koehler. "Everybody's just been trying to remember the good things about her and talking about her a lot."

Kate's friends said they want people to remember all the good qualities Kate had to offer.

"She was always really happy and she would just brighten everyone's day," said Koehler.

"She was just the sweetest person I've ever met in my whole entire life," said Hubbard. 

A candlelight vigil will take place from  8 p.m. to  9 p.m. tonight.

Autopsies for both Kate and Ethan are scheduled for tomorrow morning at 10 a.m.

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